Class V English Sample Question

First Terminal Assessment 2023

XYZ Government Primary School

1st Terminal Assessment 2023

Class: V

Subject: English

Time: 2 & half hour                                                                                                    Full Marks: 80

Reading: 40

Read the text and answer the questions 1-5

Saikat Islam lives with his parents in a flat in Bogura. His father Mr. Rashidul Islam is a banker. But in his free time Mr. Islam writes stories and listens to music. Saikat’s mother is Mrs. Monwara Islam. She is a housewife. In her free time she enjoys sewing. She makes dresses. She often gets orders from her friends and neighbours.

Saikat is in class five. He is a good student. He wants to improve his English, so he watches cartoons on TV every day. He also reads English books. He likes books about animals, especially tigers and lions.

1. Write the answers on the answer paper. 1×10=10

i) What is the story about?

a) Saikat’s father b) Saikat’s mother

c) Saikat’s school d) Saikat’s life

ii) Saikat lives in ____.

a) Dhaka b) Comilla

c) Bogura c) Sylhet

iii)  Saikat watches cartoons on TV because ____.

a) he wants to improve his English b)he wants to be a cartoonist

c) he enjoys it very much d) he is addicted to cartoon

iv) “Saikat lives with his parents in a flat.” Here flat means.

a) slum b)apartment

c) office d) street

v) Who loves sewing?

a) Saikat b)Saikat’s father

c) Saikat’s mother d) Saikat’s friend

vi) English story books are read everyday by ____.

a) Saikat’s father b) Saikat’s mother

c) Saikat’s friend d) Saikat

vii) Mrs. Monwara loves sewing because ____. 

a) she is poor b) she has free time

c) she is interested in sewing d) she has no other way

viii) When Mr. Islam gets free time, he ____.

a) plays games b) watches TV

c) writes stories d) teaches Saikat

ix) Saikat reads English story books because he ____.

a) wants to be an English writer b) wants to go abroad

c) wants to be a doctor d) wants to improve his English

x) Why does Mr. Islam write stories?

a) To be a story writer b) So that he can improve his writing

c) It is his hobby d) He has no other work to do

 2. Match the words of the column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in the column B (There are two extras):     1×5=5

Column A Column B
a)  Flat

b)  Housewife

c)  Cartoons

d) Usually

e)  Dinner

i)    a formal evening meal

ii)   animated film

iii)  in a way that is usual or normal

iv)  a set of rooms for living in

v)   mistress of a house

vi)  a formal morning meal

vii) very hussy


3. Fill in the blanks using the following words: 1×5=5

music bright family bank orders improve dwells


a) Saikat ____ in a flat.

b) Saikat’s father works in a ____.

c) Islam is fond of ___.

d) Monwara Islam looks after her ____.

e) Saikat is a ____students.

4. Read the passage again and write, whether the statements are true or false. Give correct answers, if the statement is false. 1×5=5

a) Saikat Islam lives with his parents in a flat in Dhaka. False

b) His father Mr. Rashidul Islam is a banker.

c) .Saikat watches cartoons on TV everyday in order to improve his English.

d) Mrs Islam is a banker.

e) She often gets orders from her friends and neighbours.

5. Answer the following questions: 2×5=10

a) How do you spend your leisure?

b) Where does Saikat’s family live?

c) What does Monwara Islam do in her free time?

d) Which class does Saikat read in?

e) Why does Saikat want to watch cartoons on TV?

6. Arrange and rewrite the following letters and words to make sense. 1×5=5

(a)  taghitrs.

(b)  sireuc.

(c)  was, book, a, he, reading.

(d) the, he, work, do, does, how?

(e)  for, play, long, too, but, don’t.

Writing: 20

7. Write a short paragraph on ‘Healthy Food’ in five sentences by answering the following questions. 05

a) What is healthy food?

b) What does your body need?

c) What type of foods should you eat to get energy?

d) Which foods should you eat to get vitamins?

e) What type of foods should you not eat very much?

8. Fill in the blanks by writing the times so that the story makes a sense. Write a.m. or p.m. with the time. 6

My name is Fardin and I have a daily routine. I get up from bed ______. I say my morning prayer at (b) _____. I have breakfast at (c)  ______. I start for school at (d) ______. I come back at (e) ______. I go to bed at (f) ______.

9. Imagine, you are Emon/ Sabrina. Your friend is Samsul/ Jannat. You have a made a daily routine for yourself. Now write a letter to your friend about your daily routine. [Here are some words to help you: date, address, salutation, main points for the letter, closing. Remember to write at least five sentences, use capital letters, punctuation marks and correct spelling]            05

10. Suppose, you are Maliha Tasneem reading in Monipur Primary School in class five. You are living at Paikpara, Dhaka with your parents. Your father’s name is Imtiaz Ahmed and your mother’s name is Shahana Ahmed. You are interested to learn karate. So you want to be a member of a karate club. Your date of birth is 26.09.2013.                                                          04

Now fill up the following form by using the above information.


Bashap Karate Club

26, Mirpur Road, Dhaka




Name                : 

Father’s name   : 

Mother’s name  : 

Date of Birth    : 

Home address  : 

School              : 

Class                 : 

Contact number   :      





Listening Skill: 10

11. Students, listen carefully & tick the correct answer on your listening checklist. 1×10=10

The name of our country is Bangladesh. It became independent in 1971. Dhaka is its capital. Bangladesh is a small country. Its land area is 1,47,570 square kilometres. But it has a large population. About 140 million people live here. Bangladesh is mainly an agricultural country. Its main crops are rice, jute, sugar-cane and tea. Many kinds of fruits also grow here. Jackfruits, mangoes, bananas, pine-apples, guavas and watermelons are the common. My country has many rivers. The main rivers are the Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna and the Karnaphuli. There are many varieties of fishes in these rivers. We have many interesting places. The Sundarbans, Rangamati, and Cox’s Bazar are very attractive. The Royal Bengal Tiger lives in the Sundarbans. Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea beach in the world. It is about 120 kilometres long. Many people visit these places every year. Bangladesh is a peaceful country. People from different communities live here in peace. I love my country very much.

Checklist for students

(i)    What type of country is Bangladesh? It is an ______ country.

(a) big               (b) independent

(c) peaceful       (d) beautiful

(ii) What is the capital of Bangladesh?

(a) Mymensingh      (b) Chittagong

(c) Dhaka                (d) Rajshahi

(iii) Bangladesh is mainly _____ country.

(a) an agricultural     (b) a developed

(c) an educated         (d) an industrial

(iv) What is our national fruit?

(a) Mango           (b) Banana

(c) Jackfruit        (d) Apple

(v) The Royal Bengal Tiger lives in the ____.

(a) Modhupur Ghar

(b) Sundarbans

(c) National Park

(d) Chittagong Hills





(vi)  Which is the biggest river in Bangladesh?

(a) The Padma    (b) The Gumti

(c) The Karotoa  (d) The Buriganga

(vii) We have many ____ places.

(a) beautiful       (b) noisy

(c) dangerous     (d) interesting

(viii) Where is the longest sea beach of the world?

(a) St. Martin’s Island

(b) Rangamati

(c) Chittagong

(d) Cox’s Bazar

(ix) The length of Cox’s Bazar sea beach is ­­­­_.

(a) 100 km (b) 120km

(c) 140 km  (d) 200km

(x) The main crops of Bangladesh are ____

(a)  rice, pine-apples, jute and tea

(b)  jute, banana, rice and tea

(c)  rice, jute, guavas and tea

(d) rice, jute, sugar-cane and tea




 Speaking Skill: 10

12. Student listen carefully & join with me on questions and answers: 1×10=10

(a) How are you?

(b) What is your name?

(c) What is your father’s name?

(d) How many members are your family?

(e) How old are you?

(f) What do you like?

(g) What is your favourite hobby?

(h) Which museums did you visit?

(i) What is your school name?

(j) What is the name of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh?



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