Transformation of Sentences

Transformation of Sentence/ Changing Sentences

Affirmative to Negative

Only/ Alone (Person)None but
Only/ Alone (Thing)Nothing but
Only/ Alone (Number)Not more than/ Not less than
Must/ have to/ has to/need toCannot but/ Cannot help + (v) ing
Had to/ Needed toCould not but
Too……. ToSo…….that +sub+can/could+not+….
Toso that + can/ could + not
Both …. and/ andNot only ……..but also
Less…… thanNot as ……. as
As ……….. asNot less than
Every + nounThere is no +attached word/noun+but..
As soon asNo sooner had ……….. than
Hardly ……….. whenNo sooner had ……….. than
Scarcely ………… whenNo sooner had ………… than
ManyNot a few
A fewNot many
Muchnot a little
A littleNot much
AlwaysNever + opposition word
SometimesNot always
Universal truth SentenceIt is not false that +………..`
 Helping verb+ not + opposition word


Transformation the following Affirmative into Negative

  1. All Bangladeshis are polite.
  2. Only Allah can save us.
  3. As soon as he reached home, the rain started.
  4. As soon as the thief saw the police, he ran away.
  5. Every king has a crown.
  6. Every mother loves her child.
  7. Every rose has thorn.
  8. Every teacher loves his students.
  9. Everybody must die.
  10. He was present in the meeting.
  11. Her parents always liked her.
  12. There are many students in the class.
  13. I always remember you.
  14. The old man was unable to carry the load.
  15. The police punished the thief.
  16. Hardly had I reached the station when the train came. 
  17. Scarcely had I reached the station when the train arrived.
  18. Honesty is the best policy.

Transformation the following Negative into Affirmative

  1. I shall never forget him.
  2. Man cannot help obeying some social rules.
  3. There is no mother but loves her child.
  4. No sooner had he saw the police than he ran away.
  5. Nothing but the book is found.
  6. I have not much rice.
  7. He is not a bad boy.
  8. The problem is so difficult that we can’t solve it.
  9. None but Allah can help us.
  10. It is not false that the sun rises in the east.
Assertive to Interrogative
None, No one, No man, No person, No bodyWho + verb + ………………..?
Everyone, Everybody, Everyman, All, All menWho + negative + ………………?

 Transformation the following Assertive into Interrogative

  1. No one can tolerate this.
  2. There is nothing particularly impressive about this picture.
  3. No one worships the setting sun.
  4. Gulliver could hear his watch ticking in his pocket.
  5. It is useless to cry over split milk.
  6. Switzerland is known for its scenic beauty.
  7. The beauty of nature is beyond description.
  8. Everybody has heard of Darwin.
  9. He has his dinner at seven every evening.
  10. I told him to practice regularly.
  11. Virtue is its own reward.
Assertive to Exclamatory
a very/a great/a fine/a most/very/great/so/fineWhat+ a/an + adjective + noun+ sub + verb! How + adjective + noun+ sub + verb!
I wishIf /Would that/Had
It is a matter of joy/pleasure that + sub + verb +ext.Hurrah! + Sub + verb +ext.
It is a matter of sorrow/regret that + sub + verb +ext.Alas! + Sub + verb + ext.
It is a matter of shame/It is shameful that+  sub + verb  + ext.Fie!+ Sub + verb+ ext.

 Transformation the following Assertive into Exclamatory

  1. It presents a very charming scene.
  2. It presents very charming scene.
  3. It is very essential to resist corruption.
  4. I wish I were a king.
  5. I wish I had been a scholar.
  6. It is a matter of joy that we are victorious.                  
  7. It is a matter of joy that I got GPA-5.
  8. It is a matter of sorrow that he is dead.
  9. It is shameful that he doesn’t respect seniors.
Transformation of Degree
No otherthan any otherthe + Superlative form
Very fewthan most other/Than many otherone of the
No otherthan all otherthe……of all
As soon asNo sooner had…verb3….than
as/so…asnot less….than
not + as/so…asless….than
not + as/so…asThan
Transformation Sentences

 (change both the subjects)


Positive          : No other/very few + ext + verb + as/so + positive form + as + sub.
Comparative  : Sub + verb + comparative form + given rules + ext.
Superlative     : Sub + verb + given rules + superlative form + ext.
Transformation Sentences

Active: Sub +verb +Object.

Passive: Subject (Obj) + Helping verb + v3 + preposition + object (Subject)

Transformation Sentences
Transformation Sentences
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