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PEC Exam Preparation 

Seen Comprehension 

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Unit-8, Lessons (1-2)

Read the passage and answer the questions 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Sima is at home today. She didn’t go to school today because she is ill. She has a cough and a sore throat. She also feels very warm because she has a fever. She has the flue. The doctor visited Sima last night. She needs some medicine. He also told her what to do in order to get well soon.

The doctor’s advice :

Eat food that gives your body energy. Try to eat, even you aren’t hungry. You need to be strong.

Rest! Stay at home. Don’t go to school or work.

Drink a lot of water or juice. They are better than soft drinks.

Are you coughing or sneezing? Cover your mouth and nose! Use a tissue, not your hand. Wash your hands regularly. Use your own plate, glass and cup. Other people can catch your illness from these things.

1. Match the words of the column A with their meaning that is mentioned in the text in the column B.
Column A Column B
(a) School i.  One kind of drink.
(b) Doctor ii. One kind of disease.
(c)  Juice iii.  A place where students study.
(d)  Flu iv.   Who goes to school.
(e)  Home v.   Who advices medicine for the patients.
vi.  A place where people live.
vii. Pure water.
2. Write ‘True’ for correct statement or “False’ for incorrect statement.

(a) Sima didn’t go to school because she is on holiday.

(b) Sima is ill.

(c) The doctor visited Sima last night.

(d) The doctor told Sima to go to school.

(e) Sima needs some medicine.

(f) Sima and her brother should use the same plate and glass.

Extra Questions

(a) Sima has flu.

(b) Sima fells very warm for her coughing.

(c) Sima should not drink juice.

(d) We get energy from foods.

(e) Other people can catch illness by using Sima’s plate.

3. Answer the following questions: 

(a) Where is Sima Today?

(b) Write about Sima’s problem in two sentences.

(c) What types of drink did the doctor tell Sima to drink?

(d) Why didn’t Sima go to school?

(e) Why should Sima user her own glass?

(f) What should Sima do while coughing or sneezing?

Extra Questions:

(a) Who is Sima?

(b) Why is Sima staying at home today?

(c) What has Sima got?

(d) What has the doctor suggested to Sima?

(e) How can Sima cover her mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing?

(4) Write a short composition about What you should do after recovery of fever. (Write at least five sentences to the topic. Remember to use capital letters, punctuation, correct spelling and sentence structure)
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