Model Test (English Second Paper) for SSC 2022

Model Test -2

English Second Paper

(Revised Syllabus for SSC Examination 2022)

Full Marks- 50

Part A: Grammar (30 Marks)

  1. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions or articles. Some of the blanks may not require a preposition or an article. Put a cross (×) in those blanks.  0.5×10=5

Childhood or boyhood is (a) _____ man’s formative period. (b) _____ this period child receives training (c) _____its mother. A mother’s tender heart always looks (d) _____ the welfare and well-being of (e) _____ child. If during this period (f) _____ mother tries to bring (g) _____ child up carefully and according to her (h) _____best ideas. The child is sure to grow (i) ____its superiors, parents and teachers and love all irrespective (j) caste, creed and colour.

2. Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box. 0.5×10=5
require be provide spread promote
define anticipate direct remain stay

E-commerce is rapidly being (a) _____ in our country. It may be (b) _____ as a business process through electronic transition. Buyers and sellers are not (c) _____ to talk face to face. We may get our required product (d) _____ at home. One of the best opportunities (e) _____ that businessmen from home and abroad can (f) _____ their business using this system (g) _____ in their respective countries. It (h) _____ us with global information, resources and services. It is (i) _____ that it will (j) _____ our domestic business very soon. 

3. Read the text and change the sentences as directed.     1×5=5

(a) Book is the best of all friends. (Comparative)

(b) It delights us. (Passive)

(c) A book is cheaper than most other things. (Positive)

(d) Who does not like a book?(Affirmative)

(e) It is more valuable than any other thing.(Positive).

4. Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both to the root words given the parenthesis.  0.5×10=5

Money cannot buy (a) ____(happy). Money is (b) _____ (obvious) necessary for our life. It is not the thing that (c) _____ (necessary)  brings happiness. Happiness is (d) ______ (absolute) a psychological thing . It is the name of a (e)_____ (feel). It lies in the (f) _____ (content) of mind. A poor man with mental (g) _____ (satisfy) may become really happy in life. A man with a lot of (h) _____  (rich) may not be happy. Their wealth becomes the cause of (i) _____ (happy) because most of the time they suffer from (j) _____ (secure). 

5. Make tag questions of these statements. 1×5=5

a) Let us build our nation.—?

(b) She is now only fifteen years old;—?

(c) Nobody can do this,—?

(d) It is a matter to sorrow that he won’t come,—?

(e) He dares not meet you, —?

6. Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text. 5

are you brothers the mistress of the house said turning to the dervishes no by allah they said we are poor wanderers who met by mere chance we pray for allah’s pardon

Part B: Writing Part (20 Marks)

7. Suppose, you are Taskia you have passed HSC and got a diploma on computer. Now write a CV with a cover letter for the post of a Computer Operator in a company. Your CV should not exceed one page. 10

8.  Write an application to the Headmaster for arranging online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic. 10


SSC English Model Test 

Revised Syllabus for SSC Examination 2022


(1) (a) a; (b) During; (c)from; (d) to; (e) a/ the; (f) a/ the; (g) a/ the; (h) x ; (i) with; (j) of;

(2) (a) spread; (b) defined; (c) required; (d) staying; (e) is; (f) direct; (g) remaining; (h) provides; (i) anticipated; (j) Promote.

(3) (a) Book is better than all other friends.

(b) We are delighted by it. 

(c) Very few things are as cheap as book.

(d) Everybody likes a book.

(e) No other thing is as valuable as it.

(4) (a) happiness; (b) obviously; (c) necessarily; (d) absolutely; (e) feeling; (f) contentment; (g) satisfaction; (h) riches; (i) unhappiness; (j) insecurity.

(5) (a) Let us build our nation, shall we?

(b) She is now only fifteen years old, isn’t she?

(c) Nobody can do this, can they?

(d) It’s a matter of sorrow that he won’t come, isn’t it?

(e) He dares not meet you, does he?

(6) “Are you brothers?” the mistress of the house said, turning to the dervishes. “No, by Allah,” they said, “We are poor wanderers who met by mere chance. We pray for Allah’s pardon.”


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