English Second Paper Question Solution

Cumilla Board Exam: 2022

English Second Paper Question Solution 


(According to the Syllabus of 2022)

Subject Code: 108

Time-2 hours

Full marks 50

[N.B. The figures in the right margin indicate full marks]

Part A-Grammar

Marks 30

1. Fill in the blanks with prepositions and articles (a, an, the or x). 0.5×10=5

Travelling has (a)____ great influence (b) ____ our minds. The human mind always craves (c)____ who does not feel a thrill of joy (d)____ change. There is none the new sight of various experience. The traveller comes in contact (e)____ types of people. If he moves (f) _____ the observant eyes, he can acquire (g) _____ things of (h) ______ lot of practical knowledge about men and world which books alone cannot provide. Travelling gives us (i) ____ opportunity to enjoy the more enchanting sights of nature. It helps one enrich his knowledge and makes him completely (j) ____ perfect man.

Answer: (a) a; (b) on; (c) for, (d) at; (e) with; (f) about; (g) a; (h) the; (i) an, (j) a;

2. Complete the following text with right forms of verbs given in the box: 0.5×10=5

(Know, hinder, hear, begin, call, remember, inspire, be, bear, join)

You must have (a) _____ must the name of Kazi Nazrul Islam. He (b) ____ our national poet. He (c) ____ as a rebel poet as well. He (d) ____ in a poor family. But dire needs could not (e)____ he his potentiality. When the First World War broke out, the army. After the war, he (g) _____ to compose poems. At that time his poems and songs (h)_____ people against oppression. He (i) ____ the Shelley of Bangla literature. We should (j) ____ him for his great deeds.

Answer: (a) heard; (b) is; (c) is known; (d) was born; (e) hinder; (f) joined; (g) began; (h) inspired; (i) is called; (j) remember;

3. Change the sentences according to directions. 1×5=5

(a) Very few conquerors of the world were so great as Taimur. (Superlative)

(b) The province of a powerful prince was once attacked by young Taimur. (Active)

(c) He captured a large village. (Passive)

(d) The army killed Taimur’s all soldiers. (Negative)

(e) He did not disguise himself as a rich traveller to survive. (Affirmative)


(a) Taimur was one of the greatest conquerors of the world.

(b) Young Taimur once attacked the province of a powerful prince.

(c) A large village was captured by him.

(d) The army didn’t leave Taimur’s all soldiers.

(e) He disguised himself as a poor traveller to survive.

4. Complete the text adding suffix, prefix or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis. 0.5×10=5

(a)_____ (Forestation) means cutting down of trees (b)_____ (discriminately), Bangladesh is a (c) _____ (demo) populated country. This huge population needs more shelter, (d)_____ (agriculture) land. fuel and furniture etc. For all these reasons, people cut trees. Moreover, there are (e)_____ (honest) people who cut trees for making money (f) _____ (legally). They (g) _____ (remove) of trees causes serious damage to the soil as trees give (h)_____ (protect) to soil as well. The temperature will rise and it will cause green house effect. One day the country will be (i) _____ (suitable) for living. So, tree (j) _____ (plant) programme should be extended throughout the country.

Answer: (a) Deforestation; (b) indiscriminately; (c) densely; (d) agricultural; (e) dishonest; (f) illegally; (g) removal; (h) protection; (i) unsuitable; (j) plantation;

5. Make tag questions of these statements. 1×5=5

(a) Good health means the health free from all kinds of diseases, _____?

(b) One can keep good health by following certain rules, _____?

(c) He is to eat a balanced diet, _____?

(d) He has to take regular physical exercise,_____?

(e) He must enjoy sound sleep, _____?


(a) Good health means the health free from all kinds of diseases, doesn’t it?

(b) One can keep good health by following certain rules, can’t one?

(c) He is to eat a balanced diet, isn’t he?

(d) He has to take regular physical exercise, hasn’t he/ doesn’t he?

(e) He must enjoy sound sleep, mustn’t he?

6. Use punctuation and capital letters where necessary in the following text: 0-5×10=5

mr. hasan is a renowned english teacher has been teaching, in our school for the past five years he is honest and sincere he is our favourite teacher we love him much


Mr. Hasan is a renowned English teacher has been teaching, in our school for the past five years. He is honest and sincere. He is our favourite teacher.  We love him much.


Part B _Composition

Marks 20

7. Suppose, you want to be a teacher and you have seen an advertisement in a newspaper. An Assistant Teacher will be appointed in Nurpur High School, Netrokona. 10

Now, write a C.V with a cover letter for the post of an Assistant Teacher. Your CV should not exceed one page,

8.Suppose, you are an inhabitant of Mymensingh City, Mymensingh. The people of your locality suffer greatly due to insufficient water supply. Now, write a letter to the Mayor complaining about insufficient water.   10


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