English Second Paper Final Suggestion

SSC 2022

Final Suggestion 

English Second Papaer

Exam: 2022

Question No.1

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions or articles. Some of the blanks may not require a preposition          or an article. Put a cross (×) in those blanks.           0.5×10=5

1. Nowadays, parents are very conscious (a) ____ the harmful effect of punishment (b)____ children. Child psychologists think that both physical and mental punishments can be disastrous for (c) ____ child’s growth and development. It may lead (d) ____ fear and hatred of (e) ____ person who punishes (f) ____ child. Again, if (g) ____ child is punished, he may lack (h) ____ initiative. He may also feel hostile (i) ____ others. So, rude behaviour gradually develops ()____him.


2. Travelling has (a) ____ great influence (b) ____ our minds. The human mind always craves (c) ____ is none who does not feel (d) ____ thrill of joy (e) ____ the new sight of (f) ____ experience. The traveler comes (g) ____change. There contact with various types of people. If he moves about (h) ____ the observant eyes, he can acquire a lot of practical knowledge (i) ____men and things of (j) ____world which books alone cannot provide.


3. Honesty is (a) ____ best policy. The man who possesses this quality is the happiest man (b) ____ earth. Everybody loves and respects him (c) ____ his trustworthiness. On the other hand, (d) ____ untruthful man is hated (e) ____all. By telling lies, (f) ____man may prosper for (g) ____time being, but ultimately, he goes (h) ____ the dogs. We must be (i) ____ honest in our thought, word and deed. Childhood is the best time to cultivate honesty. It is our moral duty to give children proper idea(j) ____ right and wrong.

 Ans: the, on, for, an, by, a , the, to, ×, about/of

Question N0. 2

Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box.


develop have need modify keep
enrich learn emphasis motivate go


Communicative competence in English is urgently (a)____in our country. The present world (b) ____fast and (c) ____ on with the advancement of technology. With a view to (d) ____  pace with the present world we cannot help (e) ____ English. The present curriculum has (f) ____ on learning English by (g) ____ the books (h) ____ with modern information. But readers should be (i) ____ to read more supplementary books. (j) ____ an ICT based skill can be very productive to keep pace with this advanced world.

require achieve go regard make
be refine derive obtain develop


Education (a)____ as the yardstick of development. Development and education (b) ____ hand in hand. Therefore, no development (c) ____without the advancement in the field of education. Obtaining degrees (d) ____the only aim of education. Redefinition of education (e) ____ to make our people realize what the real education is. Real education (f) ____ the mentality of men. It (g)____ the sense of humanity. It can (h) ____ men sensible, reasonable and optimistic. It does not mean (i ) ____certificates. Real education (j) from books only.


reach measure go take dare
need expect commit be remember

Corruption (a)_____ like an infectious disease. If a corrupt man (b)_____unpunished, he (c)_____to (d)_____ another corruption. (e)_____ have been (f)______ against corruption but what we (g)_____ most is social awareness. We should (h)_____that a country can (i) _____at the peak of its development if it is not corruption free. So, man in position are (j) _____ to be honest.

Question No.3

1. Change the following sentence as directed in the brackets.

(a) Sayma is the best student in the class. (positive)

(b) She is attentive to her studies. (Negative)

(c) She does not keep bad company. (Affirmative)

(d) He helps the weaker students. (Passive)

(e) Everybody loves him. (Interrogative).


a) No other student in the class is as good as Sayma. 

(b) She is not inactive to his studies

(c) She always keeps good company.

(d) The weaker students are helped by him.

(e) Who doesn’t love her?

2. Change the following sentence as directed in the brackets.

(a) Book is the best of all friends. (Comparative)

(b) It delights us. (Interrogative)

(c) A book is cheaper than most other things. (Positive)

(d) Who does not like a book? (Affirmative)

(e) It is more valuable than any other thing. (Positive).


(a) Book is better than all other friends.

(b) Doesn’t it highlight us?

(c) Very few things are as cheap as book.

(d) Everybody likes a book.

(e) No other thing is as valuable as it.

3. Change the following sentence as directed in the brackets.

(a) Gold is the most precious metal. (Positive)

(b) It is bought by the wealthy persons. (Active)

(c) Every woman likes it. (Negative)

(d) The price of gold is increasing day by day. (Interrogative)

(e) Who does not like gold? (Affirmative).


(a) No other metal is as precious as gold.

(b) The wealthy person buys it.

(c) There is no woman but likes it.

(d) Isn’t the price of gold increasing day by day?

(e) Everybody likes gold.

Question No. 4

Complete the text adding suffixes, prefixes or the both to the root words given the parenthesis.  0.5×10=5

1. Patriotism means love for one’s own country and people. It is a powerful sentiment and is an (a) (selfish) — and noble virtue. A true patriot is a great asset for a nation. His (b) — (ideal) gives him courage and strength. It (c) — (courage) him to sacrifice his life for the sake of (d) — (free) and honour of his country. By (e) — (be) a patriot, one can bring (f) — (prosper) for one’s country and remove her sufferings. But false (g) — (patriot) expression is dangerous and (h) — (disaster) Patriotism is (i) — (price) but it must o supersede the feeling of (j) — (universe) love for humanity.

2. Money is the means of leading (a) — (world) life. (b) — (short) of money makes our life (c) — (deplore). We cannot lead our life (d) — (proper) for want of money. But there is (e) — (difficult) in earning money. Our peace and prosperity are (f) — (depend) on proper (g) — (utilize) of money. Spending money in an (h) — (proper) way can lead us to the path of (i) — (destroy). So, we should be (j) — (care) in spending money.

3. Sound health is the (a) — (come) of physical exercise in a (b) — (regulate) form. (c) — (Regulate) form of exercise or (d) — (exercise) is injurious to health. Remember that if you take physical exercise, you must not be (e) — (regular). Physical exercise increases our appetite and improves (f) — (digest) power. If anybody suffers from (g) — (digest), he should take physical exercise. Proper (h) — (digest) of food removes his loss of appetite.

Question No. 5

1. Make tag questions of these statements.
(a) Economics is my favourite subject, _____? 
(b) He put the book on the table, _____? 
(c) You will buy a shirt, _____? 
(d) The girl can please us all, _____? 
(e) Nobody believes a liar, ______? 
(a) Economics is my favourite subject, isn’t it? 
(b) He put the book on the table, didn’t he? 
(c) You will buy a shirt, won’t you? 
(d) The girl can please us all, can’t she? 
(e) Nobody believes a liar, do they? 
2. Make tag questions of these statements.
(a) Sinners suffer in the long run, _____? 
(b) Let’s have a walk, _____? 
(c) He had to go abroad for treatment, ______? 
(d) You dare not drive at night, _____? 
(e) I am your well-wisher, _____?
(a) Sinners suffer in the long run, don’t they? 
(b) Let’s have a walk, shall we? 
(c) He had to go abroad for treatment, hadn’t he? 
(d) You dare not drive at night, dare you? 
(e) I am your well-wisher, aren’t I?
3. Make tag questions of these statements.
(a) Mr Brown teaches us English, _____?
(b) You need not go to the field, ____
(c) Kindly do me a favour, _____? 
(d) Nobody went there, _____? 
(e) There is no king in China, _____?
(a) Mr Brown teaches us English, doesn’t he?
(b) You need not go to the field, need you
(c) Kindly do me a favour, will you? 
(d) Nobody went there, did they? 
(e) There is no king in China, is there?

Question No. 6

Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.    5

1. are you brothers the mistress of the house said turning to the dervishes no by allah they said we are poor wanderers who met by mere chance we pray for allah’s pardon
‘Are you brothers?’ the mistress of the house said, turning to the dervishes. ‘No, by Allah,’ they said, ‘We are poor wanderers who met by mere chance. We pray for Allah’s pardon.’

2. the man said to me where are you going i am going to university said i did you go to university yesterday no i replied why did you not go i was very busy said i.
The man said to me, ‘Where are you going?’ ‘I am going to university,’ said I. ‘Did you go to university yesterday?’ ‘No,’ I replied. ‘Why did you not go?’ ‘I was very busy,’ said I.

3. we live in bangladesh almost all of us speak in bangla most all of the people of the country are muslims besides buddhists and christians also live here about 80 percent people live in the villages
We live in Bangladesh. Almost all of us speak in Bangla. Most of the people of the country are Muslims. Besides, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians also live here. About 80 percent people live in the villages.

Part B: Writing Part

Question No. 7

CV with Cover Letter

  1. For the post of a Salesman/ Junior Sales Officer.
  2. For the post of a Medical Representative.
  3. For the post of a Teacher/ Assistant Teacher
  4. For the post of IT officer.
  5. For the post of Computer Operator.

Question No. 8

Formal Letter/ Application

  1. For increasing/ enhancing/ improving the common room facilities/library facilities.
  2. For the permission to arrange/ picnic /excursion/ go on a study tour.
  3. For a seat in the school hostel.
  4. For setting up a computer club/ opening a debating club.
  5. For Testimonial/ For transfer certificate.
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